Company Outline

Company Outline

Sunil Telecom is of best partner

optical total solution

As the Optical Fiber Supplier of Optical closure, Optical Terminal Box and Outside Plant Materials, Sunil Telecom is developing New and Advanced products for Total solution of Optical Telecommunication. Many Telecommunication companies all over the world are satisfied with the Optical Products.

18 and more

SUNIL Telecom has been registered as an excellent supplier by KT(Korea Telecom) for 13years which making because all metal molds and parts are originated by qualified sub-vendor in Korea where we can directly manage.

30 and more

SUNIL Telecom has originated 30 Engineering Patents and 10 Practical Usage of Design by KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office). Continuously controlling quality through ISO 9001, TL 9000 and managing ISO 14001 for environment level.

32 - 49

By the time of 2018 SUNIL Telecom has made business with 49 clients in country and expanding more today. From the first package of export product, we never been claimed but being long term partnership.