Optical Fiber Operation Tools

Optical Fiber Operation Tools


  • Sheath Stripper, manufactured by Sunil Co.,Ltd is a tool for stripping the sheath of optical fiber with the least humans efforts. Using Wire Clamp together, you can strip sheath from optical cables more easily and quickly than using knives or handsaws. It's convenient especially when stripping cables for mid span branching by Rreplacing blades at the center of Stripper, you can use this tool permanently.

Features & Functions

  • Applicable for loose tube type and ribbon type cables.
  • By adjusting the length of the protruded part of blades, cables with various size of diameters can be stripped.
  • Blade revolvers make easy to adjust the blades into cable sheath.
  • Cables with diameter of 10~25mm can be stripped.

Demension & Weight

Type Length (Stripper) Net Weight (Stripper) Packed Weight (incl. Wire clamp, 2 blades)
Details 200mm 418g 684g


Wind Wire Clamp tightly on cable before applying it to any fixed objects.

Adjust the blades of Stripper into the sheath of cable by turning revolver.Be sure not to damage inner fibers.

Locate Stripper at the scratch point of cable and hold it with hand tightly.

Pull Stripper backward through the cable so that through the cable so that

A full set of Sheath Stripper

- Sheat Stripper : 1ea - Blade (supplementary) : 2ea - Wire Clamp : 1ea - Manual : 1ea

Cable stripping by one person

Wire Rope Clamp / Utility Model 093037

  • Feature : No damage for cable sheath and no effects of characteristics of cable by coating process with heat shrink tube
  • Performance : Clamp wire using tension of wire with equal force dispersion
  • Installation : Clamp wire without using any tool on the ground, then possible of sagging with hanging a wire rope clamp on the electric pole and pulling the cable
  • Price : Low price + Maintain quality of the cable

Diagram of specification

Standard and Usage

No Standard Rolling Allowable tension stress A B C D Remark
1 SUS304 1.6Φx230mm 2 No more than 30kg/f 100 20 230 350
2 SUS304 1.6Φx270mm 2 No more than 50kg/f 100 20 270 390
5 SUS304 2.0Φx290mm 2 No more than 70kg/f 100 20 290 410


Usage and Effectiveness

  • Improve construction quality by one time construction protecting cracking
  • Saving construction and material cost by arranging 6 sets by 1 saddle at the same duct and easy maintenance

Edge Roller

Usage and Effectiveness

  • Protect wire and iron loop in the cable work
  • Easy work with reducing the coefficient of friction


  • Ø50x폭150mm (Roller)

관구 가이드

Usage and Effectiveness

  • Preventing the entry of duct
  • Easy work with reducing the coefficient of friction


  • Ø80mm / Ø100mm

Existing method (Damage for upper duct)

Protecting duct after using duct guide